Saturday, September 8, 2012

19 Cruise Tips

royal carribean cruise ship
Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas
My 19 cruise tips for packing and saving money on the cruise ship. Hopefully some of this advice will make your cruise trip a more enjoyable experience. Have fun, take lots of pictures and don't forget your sunscreen. 
  1. Once the ship departs, don't even think about turning that phone back on. Roaming and data fees can run in the thousands of dollars. In S.t Martin I made four calls, got an answering machine then hung up, $200. My friend’s daughter was trying to reach her boyfriend; she never got hold of him. But he got a $600+ bill. 
  2. Buy a pair of cheap 2-way radios (walkie talkies). Once you leave port your cell phones won't work.   We spent $20 and bought a pair of Cobra CX150's and they worked very well for us. 
  3. The IPX8 waterproof bag for iPhones is inexpensive and works well for protecting your phone, cash, or   documents.
  4. An inexpensive shoe hanging bag that hangs from a door works great for extra storage. Cruise cabins are tight.
  5. If available buy a soda package for kids or any big soda drinkers in your group to save money
  6. Many cruise lines allow you to bring on a case of bottled water as checked baggage (much cheaper)
  7. Take a camera and ask people to take pictures for you. The pictures sold on board are incredibly    expensive
  8. Take an electrical plug that converts to 2 or 3 plugs or a power strip. Today we have all sorts of things that need recharging. You only have one plug in the bathroom and one in the cabin.
  9. Always travel in pairs.
  10. Know where your life vest is, how to use it, and where your muster station is.
  11. Green apples help with motion sickness.
  12. Avoid buying toiletries or everyday items on the ship. They’re much less expensive on shore.
  13. Pack post it notes and a felt marker to leave notes in the cabin for your cruise mates and the cabin stewards.
  14. If you're in an interior cabin pack a small led flashlight. It' s handy if you need to get up in the middle of the night and don't want to wake anyone.
  15. When you board the cruise ship bring a small carry on bag with essentials and a bathing suit. It may be hours before your bags catch up with you
  16. Make copies of your important documents
  17. Research shore excursions. Cruise excursions are expensive, consider booking your own. 
  18. Pack a small back pack for shore excursions. Add a few waterproof ziplock bags to put small items in.
  19. The number one money saver is to book your cruise early. If you plan to take a cruise don't wait, prices rise the closer you are to your departure date.
carnival cruise line carnival imagination cruise ship
Cruise Ship Carnival Imagination

Traveling by cruise Ship is fun, relaxing, and an enjoyable experience for all ages. Hopefully some of these tips will be of benefit to you and your cruise companions. If you have any tips of your own please leave a comment. Our first cruise was on the NCL Norwegian Sky for our 25th anniversary. it was a great experience but, one which we should have done much earlier. Don’t just say you’ll take a cruise one day and put it off till you retire. A cruise is a fantastic experience at any age.

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