Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carnival Liberty leaving Port of Miami and Specs

The Cruise Ship Carnival Liberty, Call sign HPYE, is operated by Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL). This is video of the Liberty passing South Pointe Beach Park as it sails from Port of Miami for its first stop Saint Martin. South beach is a great place to spend a few hours watching the cruise ships entering and the leaving port of Miami. The Libertys maiden voyage was July 20, 2005. It is powered by a diesel electric propulsion system consisting of Six 12 cylinder Warstila 12V46c diesel engines that produce 12,600 KW of power each to produce a total of 75.6 MW. Each of the two screws are turned by an electrical propulsion Alston 20 MW 149 RPM motor. Unfortunately it’s difficult to get good detailed information on cruise ships.  The Carnival Liberty performance and specs are.
18 decks (13 passenger, 5 Crew)
Gross tonnage 110,000
Length 952 feet
Beam 116 feet
Draft 27 feet
Service speed 21 knots
Max speed 23 knots
Guest 2,978 Crew 1,160
3 bow thrusters
3 stern thrusters
Twin rudders
2 Screws 

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